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About zblocks

A direct channel to customers for engagement, even when sold through intermediaries

Create a direct channel to engage your end customers using zblocks. Collect zero- and first-party data on customer engagement to personalize customer experience.


A PII-free identity to continuously attribute customer behavior

Attribute every interaction between your brand and the customer to ensure maximum segmentation and personalization while maintaining regulatory compliance

Create intra- and inter- brand collaboration in record time without sharing customer PII

Integrate inside and outside your brand by verifying customer identity and the channel without integrating a database or sharing customer information, al with automatic and immutable reconciliation.

Elevating Customer Engagement for Lasting Success

Better Monetization through Personalization

Targeted Offers and Upselling

  • Personalized engagement through NFTs enables targeted offers based on individual preferences and behaviors.
  • Brands can strategically upsell or cross-sell products, maximizing the revenue potential from each customer.

Optimized Pricing Strategies

  • Analyzing customer interactions allows brands to optimize pricing strategies.
  • Dynamic pricing and personalized discounts can be implemented to maximize conversion rates.

Increased Average Transaction Value

  • Personalized recommendations and incentives can lead to larger and more frequent purchases.
  • Improved engagement contributes to an increase in the average transaction value.

Improved Loyalty and Brand Advocacy

Emotional Connection

  • The exclusivity of NFT ownership and personalized engagements fosters a stronger emotional connection between customers and the brand.
  • Customers are more likely to become brand advocates when they feel a personal and unique connection.

Loyalty Programs Enhancement

  • Loyalty programs can be tailored based on individual customer preferences.
  • Verified and secure engagements through zblocks contribute to increased participation and loyalty.

Positive Customer Experiences

  • Personalized communication and offers create positive and memorable customer experiences.
  • Satisfied customers are more likely to remain loyal and recommend the brand to others.

Increased Marketing Efficiency via Maximum Attribution

Accurate Attribution

  • zblocks ensures accurate attribution of all customer behavior, eliminating data gaps.
  • Brands can confidently analyze customer journeys and attribute marketing efforts to specific outcomes.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • Comprehensive data on customer interactions allows for informed decision-making.
  • Marketing teams can optimize campaigns based on real-time insights, improving overall efficiency.

Enhanced Targeting

  • With a detailed understanding of customer preferences, brands can refine and optimize their targeting strategies.
  • Marketing efforts become more efficient as they are directed toward audiences more likely to respond positively.

Nurturing Long-Term Loyalty: Targeted Engagement

Revenue Growth

The combination of better monetization, improved loyalty, and efficient marketing contributes to overall revenue growth.
Brands can capitalize on increased customer lifetime value and a more engaged customer base.

Competitive Advantage

By leveraging zblocks’ innovative approach, brands gain a competitive advantage in the market.
Differentiation through personalized, secure, and verifiable customer engagement sets a brand apart from competitors.

Long-Term Customer Relationships

The positive outcomes contribute to the establishment of long-term and sustainable customer relationships.
Brands can build a community of engaged and loyal customers, ensuring ongoing success.

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