Building enterprise grade blockchain applications has never been easier

The easy button from Web2 to Web3

Rapidly build, deploy, and scale innovation blockchain-based applications.

Use fiat to pay - no crypto on balance sheet!

App portability across different Layer1 blockchains.

Leverage your Web2 identities to securely authenticate users and provide a streamlined experience.​

Connect to multiple external data sources, streamline data flows with enhanced security and enable real-time collaboration.

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zblocks Platform specifications

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Low-Code/No-Code Authoring

Low-Code/No-Code Authoring

Don't spend time learning blockchain specific languages or setting up complex infrastructure. Start building right away.

Drag and drop visual app builder with over 40 UI widgets
Look and feel customization optimized for web dApps
Customize your application with JavaScript code snippets to enhance logic

Out-Of-Box Connectors

Don't rebuild any of your existing infrastructure. Integrate Web3 into your existing systems.

Connect to enterprise or cloud database including Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, Postgres, Firebase, and others
ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) directly within the platform
Out-Of-Box Connectors
Multichain Portability - Web3 Enterprise

Multichain Portability

Don't get locked into one blockchain. With the zblocks platform, create once and deploy across the multiple supported blockchains

Currently supporting Polygon, Avalanche, and Hedera
Build once, deploy across many
Port digital assets from one blockchain to another while maintaining uniqueness with ownership traceability

Seamless Login

Don't worry about wallets, seed phrases, and other complexities. Our platform allows use of existing identities.

Identity connectors allow enterprise login via Google Workspace, Office 365, and more
Allow your customers to participate in blockchain enabled dApps via Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and more
Identity connectors - enterprise blockchain
Blockchain without crypto

Blockchain Without Crypto

Don't worry about the hassle of buying and keeping crypto on the balance sheet. Our platform offers a SaaS experience, so pay the way enterprise is used to.

Pay a monthly fee in fiat rather than having to purchase crypto
Stay compliant and don't worry about regulatory implications

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Build on Web3 with ease

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