Advanced capabilities for digital marketers

Nurture lasting customer relationships, increase lifetime value, while reducing churn and customer acquisition cost

Digital Asset Creation Studio

Create smart tokens for a variety of uses in customer acquisition and engagement. Choose branding and visual appearance, immutable properties, and dynamic aspects in the user-friendly visual creation studio, leveraging generative AI.

One-Click Smart Token Claim

Consumers can claim smart tokens assets with a single click on a landing page and add them to their wallets. This seamless flow eliminates friction like separate registrations or filling out forms.

Direct Consumer Channel

Dynamic interactions with smart tokens become a new engagement channel for direct brand-to-consumer relationships. Interactive activities like polls and offers can be used to nurture leads and engage consumers.

Token-Gated Access

Unlock access to exclusive memberships, loyalty benefits and experiences to holders of smart tokens.

CRM Integration

Seamless integration with popular CRM like HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce allows for efficient lead management, data synchronization, and automated workflows.

Privacy-Minded Data Capture and Insights

Compliant, transparent and opt-in first-party and zero-party data capture leads to valuable into preferences, behavior, and interactions.

Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities provide actionable insights to optimize lead acquisition and nurturing, customer engagement strategies, and measure campaign effectiveness.

Cross-Brand Campaign Collaboration

Brands can collaborate on joint campaigns, co-branded loyalty programs, and shared customer experiences to drive engagement and expand their reach. All this without complex integration or sensitive data sharing.

Multi-Chain Support

Connect seamlessly to multiple Layer 1 / Layer 2 blockchains. Achieve asset portability. Automatically eliminate your consumers’ transaction fees (gas fees) when interacting with your brand on the blockchain.

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