Members-Only Experiences

How token-gating unlocks value for loyal customers

Learn how a consumer goods brand used smart tokens as digital membership cards with a touch of exclusivity. Customers can use the smart tokens to unlock unique experiences, both in the digital world and in real life. As they are loyal to the brand and generate higher recurring revenue, their membership status levels up, with increased benefits.

The Story

A forward-thinking consumer goods company reimagined customer engagement. By introducing digital membership cards through smart tokens, the company provided customers with perks ranging from tempting discounts to early access to novel product lines, all before public release.

Members-Only Experiences

Traditional registration procedures that required sharing personal details were eliminated. Instead, on acquiring a product, new customers effortlessly received the smart token in their digital wallet. This made the sign-up hassle-free and opened seamless access to the advantages — while shopping on the brand’s website, visiting brick-and-mortar stores, and indulging in third-party exclusive experiences.

The Outcomes

How it Works

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