Soccer Dreams Come True

How raffles & polls help understanding new prospects
Discover how a premier bank utilized the excitement around a soccer event raffle to magnify its customer acquisition strategy. Through zblocks, smart tokens transformed into not just raffle tickets but catalysts for profound customer interactions. In return for their engagement, customers unveiled zero-party data in polls, shedding light on their distinct desires and preferences.

The Story

A distinguished bank in the Asia-Pacific region was on a mission: to magnetize new customers for its financial and insurance products, especially targeting the younger demographics less familiar with their brand.
Seizing the widespread enthusiasm for a prominent soccer event, the bank orchestrated a raffle that resonated with the passions of this specific audience.
To enter the raffle, consumers simply claimed a smart token, which got seamlessly added to their digital wallets via the zblocks platform. Moreover, participants could amplify their winning odds by promoting the raffle on social media. But that’s not all – these consumers also willingly dived into a poll, offering the bank a deeper understanding of their aspirations and demographics.
Soccer Dreams come True

The Outcomes

How it Works

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