Warranty Cards Reimagined

How warranty cards can hike customer lifetime value

Learn how to use the untapped potential of digital warranty cards to connect with consumers meaningfully and elevate customer lifetime value. Customers enjoy hassle-free access to product manuals, service details, and usage tips. This channel allows brands to cater to evolving customer needs and drive preference during the product upgrade cycle.

The Story

To modernize and maximize the potential of after-sale services, a visionary consumer goods company embarked on a unique journey. Moving away from traditional warranty cards, they introduced a “digital twin” for each product unit sold, encapsulated within a smart token. These tokens are more than just a digital representation; they come embedded with product serial numbers and a certificate of authenticity.
For customers, the transition was seamless. Upon product purchase, they were presented with this new form of warranty — a digital card based on a smart token, easily accessible within their digital wallet. Gone were the days of keeping track of physical cards or lengthy registrations. Every essential detail, from product specifics to warranty benefits, was just a click away.
As customers engaged with their products, the brand maintained a digital log of maintenance, upgrades, and even warranty extensions, ensuring transparency and trust.
Furthermore, for those looking to resell, this digital twin provided potential buyers with a comprehensive product history, bolstering the product’s resale value.
Warranty Cards Reimagined

The Outcomes

How it Works

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